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DEO not reflecting users Loop affiliation change

When a user updates his/her affiliation in Loop, the DEO does not always reflect the change hence MyFrontiers keeps showing the previous old affiliation. This could be related to a potential bug.However, before escalating the case to the Level 3 team, the following should be tested:

  • Impersonate the user.
  • Go to Profile > Bio.
  • Re select the new affiliation.
  • Click SAVE.
  • Go back to DEO and verify if the affiliation has been updated.

DEO not reflecting users affiliation change

Config> Article Details

On some occasions, PITS might mention the tool Config >> Article details >> Article to refer to the light-submission page. This menu functionality opens light-submission from the old interface.When light-submission is accessed from CONFIG >> Article details, it opens the light-submission with the following twist:

  • It only allows to access to accepted or published articles
  • There is a built-in call with that interface that forces an update in some production-related part of the system.
Based on this, the submission page might require to be accessed from the Config >> Article details when the article is in press (i.e. accepted for publication). Otherwise, the review forum should be preferred to access the light-submission more easily.

Config> Article Details

How to set up JIRA filter

Log in to JIRA. Go to "Issues" then click "Search for issues".Click "Advanced". Paste the following text in the Search field: Assignee = Ennia.Senda AND status != Closed ORDER BY created DESC Instead of Ennia.Senda put your Name.Surname and click "Search" button.Click "Save as" button:Add a name for your filter, e.g. "Assigned to me" and click the "Save" button.You will then be able to find tickets assigned to you by one click on the filter. It will be visible in your Jira home page.

How to set up a JIRA filter

Assignee = ennia.senda AND status != Closed ORDER BY updated DESCCan be decomposed as follows:Assignee = ennia.senda : self-explanatory AND : typical operator (the queries also allow for OR and brackets work the same as in math to split queries)status != Closed : will return tickets that are not (!=) ClosedORDER BY updated DESC : puts the tickets updated the most recently on top.

How to set up a JIRA filter

Setup a JIRA filter to easily keep track of your open tickets.

Light submit can be accessed for articles in press using the DEO menu Config > Article details.

Run checks before escalating a case to L3 concerning a user's new Loop affiliation not being reflected in the DEO.

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