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But algebra is a crucial part of maths, if you don't know algebra. then you're basically done for!
Algebra may seem hard at first! but trust me, it gets harder!

what is algebra? Algebra is the branch of mathematics in which abstract symbols, rather than numbers, are manipulated or operated with arithmetic. For example, x + y = z or b - 2 = 5 are algebraic equations, but 2 + 3 = 5 and 73 * 46 = 3,358 are not


What is algebra?

There are many ways you could use algebra. Its not only very common in scholarship/additional papers it's also common in CE papers as well. Basically, nearly every math paper has got to have algebra in it.

Example of algebra

An example of an algebraic expression is 5x + 6. Here 5 and 6 are fixed numbers and x is a variable. Further, the variables can be simple variables using alphabets like x, y, z or can have complex variables like x2, x3, xn, xy, x2y, etc. Algebraic expressions are also known as polynomials.

this side subtracts 3, resulting in the other side dividing three too!

7x+3=177x=17-3 (aka 7x-3=20-3)7x=14x=14/7x=2

For example:

Golden Rule of Algebra: “Do unto one side of the equal sign as you will do to the other…” **Whatever you do on one side of the equal sign, you MUST do the same exact thing on the other side. If you multiply by -2 on the left side, you have to multiply by -2 on the other.

What is the golden rule of algebra?

In the finance industry, exchange rates and interest rates are often represented algebraically; therefore, to carry out finances accurately, it is necessary to be familiar with algebraic operations. Sports: Sports aren't forgotten when it comes to using algebra. Almost all athletes unintentionally use algebra.

How is algebra used in real life?