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Christmas Economic Fair


By Megan FayardTECH 4763

Project BasedLearning

Lesson Title: Economics FairSummary: Students will develop and market a Digitally created product of their choice that can be sold in an upcoming School fair. Products can include Digitally designed posters, images, or artwork.

ISTE Standards
State Standards

1.6 Creative Communicator1.6.c Models and visualizations- students communicate complex ideas claerly and effectively by creating or usng a variety of digital objects such as visualizations, models, or simulations.

Digital Citizenship:ACR.T.12.a Demonstrate the ability to responsibly utilize technology

Materials and Technologies Used

While the creation platform you use is your choice, you must utilize features like grouping, cropping, bolding, and text in the created product







Each student will be asked to create a product of their choosing to sell at the upcoming Economics Far. Products should be created using one of the listed digital creation formats. Products that can be created digitally include artwork, posters, images, etc. While the creation platform you use is your choice, you must utilize features like grouping, cropping, bolding, and text in the created product

Start off by singing "Christmas time is here! Happiness and Cheer!" Get yourselves ready for the holidays because coming up we will be having a Christmas themed Economics Fair! This will be a time for you and your fellow students to Christmas shop for family members while also showcasing your personal creativity.

Student Choices

Students may choose what type of product they would like to market and digital tool they will use to create it. Students may choose to work at their own pace, as long as the rough draft is turned in by next Friday, October 20th. This is an individual assignment which allows each student to choose their resources and formatting options independently.

Students should start off by exploring the websites listed on the Materials Page of the presentation. Once a website is chosen, students should construct an idea of what type of product they want to create. Keep in mind this is your choice, but should be marketable. Students will be given daily classtime, 1.5 hours, to work on the assignments. I will be walking around to ensure that everyone is working and answer any questions you may have. Your rough draft is due next Friday October 20th.

Collaboration and Teamwork
Student Inquiry

Students may explore several different websites to gain an understanding of what type of product they want to create for the economics fair. These websites may include but are not limited to art gallery websites, youtube, magazines, or books.

Students may collaborate with each other and bounce ideas off of one another but this is an individual assignment. Students will be given individal grades for their created product. Students, although creating their product independently, will still collaborate in the selling of their product by using word of mouth marketing through friends, leadership skills and responsibilties of selling the product.

Student Reflection
Teacher Coaching and Feedback

The teacher will be walking around the classroom to ensure everyone is working diligently and answer any questions students may have. After the rough draft is turned in, the teacher will provide feedback on whether or not the product will sell, if it is ready for sale or needs improved upon, and updates to grammatical errors.

Students will be asked to reflect at the end of the economic fair on their projects overall. The student should reflect on the product itself, its marketing skills, and the digital tool used in creation. The student should write a 1 page paper reviewing the project as well as provide feedback to the teacher on what they found the most difficult part of the project was.

Public Presentation

A person digitally created a wallpaper and turned it into a HD image so that buyers can use it on a smart phone or computer.

Students will be asked to present their product at the economics fair and attempt to sell it to their peers. By presenting the student should be knowledgeable in the product they created and be able to explain the tools used to create it, their inspiration, and how it would be valuable to the purchaser.

During Project: Your project should be marketable and able to sell. Make something your peers want or need.

Project checklist

During Project: Your project should be creative, unique and thoughtfully created.

During Project: Choose 1 website to use to create your digital tool. Explore the website to be confident in how to use it.

Before presenting: Practice your presentation many times until its known by heart. Be prepared to answer questions.

During Project: Make sure you are working diligently on creating your product. Turn in a rough draft by October 20th for feedback.

Presentation: Manage your voice. Speak loud and clear. Finish with a smile!It’s your best ally.


This assignment is worth 50 points. 2 Extra credit points will be given if you can sell 20 or more of your created product.

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