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Econ. Indicators




  • Play with a group 2-4 people
  • The objective is to reach the central square in first position.
  • Choose the animal from the tiles that will represent you throughout the game.
  • Click on the die to know how many squares you have to advance, always following the path of the color that corresponds to you.
  • Be careful with the tick boxes! They contain challenges that you must overcome in order to continue advancing
  • If you fail the challenge, you go back 3 squares.





Economics in NASWA



Roll a Die

Restart game

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Why is it important for a country to have a variety of things to export, rather than just one?

What percent of global oil production does OPEC produce?

What is an Embargo?

Why might a large (wealthy) economy, not nessecarily mean that all citizens are wealthy too?

Ask your opponents a question!

How does producing oil effect the economy of a country?


What is a major export from Jordan?

Why might a country put an embargo on another?

How many OPEC member countries are there?

What is a major export from the USA?

What is the difference between imports and exports in the context of trade?

What challenges might a country face in keeping good trade relatiopnships with other countries?

How might a strong economy, effect life for citizens of a country?

Which Country is the largest Consumer of oil in the world? (and what does consumer mean?

How might renewable sources of energy impact the future of the petroleum industries?

What is the purpous of international trade? How does it effect both countries involved?

A decrease in production, causes a Increase in ________ and ________________.

What resource might a country like Libya need to import?

What is interdepence, and how does trade cause it?

Name 4 products made out of petroleum.

Why might an embargo be put in place?

What are some more eco friendly sources of energy?

Why is oil considered to be such an important resource?

What is a possible source for yemen to export other than oil?

What might cause the price of oil to rise?

What is a possible risk for a country that relies only on imports from other countires

Ask your group a question instead!!

Name 2 countries in NASWA that Don't have Oil products as a main export

Name 4 countries that are a part of OPEC.

Name one "pro" and one "con" of using renewable energy sources...

Give your own definition of petroleum.

How does the use of oil effect the environment?