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The BCMA Ninja

Question 1/10

How can you refresh BCMA's SCreen?

Press "F5" on your keyboard

Open the File Menu then Refresh screen

Press "F10" on your keyboard

Question 2/10





Question 3/10

How far back can the BCMA Med Log be edited?

Upto 7 days even if the patient has been discharged

At anytime, as long as the patient is admitted

240 mins after changing a medication status

Question 4/10

The patient has a continuous fluid order from the ED and arrives at your unit infusing. The provider enters a new order. What actions should you take in BCMA with the current bag?

Mark the IV as 'completed' and scan a new bag

Add a comment 'IV received infusing' and scan a new bag

Mark IV Bag as 'stopped'

Question 5/10

Broken BCMA Scanners should be reported to ...

BCMA Coordinators, entering a BCMA Broken SCanner Form

OIT, entering a YourIT Ticket

BioMed, entering a Maximo Order

Question 6/10

After Code Purple, what action should the nursing staff take in BCMA?

Mark medications as 'HELD' with the rationale "Given during Contingency- MARs"

Marked medications as 'REFUSED' with the rationale "Other"

Add a comment to all meds

Question 7/10

You are trying to scan a new Nicotine patch however, you keep getting an error message "Could NOT validate order". What is the most likely reason?

The patient has a patch that has not been marked as 'REMOVED'

The dose is incorrect

The barcode is faulty

Question 8/10

When scanning your meds in BCMA, the scanner beeps but nothing changes in your screen. What is the most likely reason?

You are on Limited Access or Read-Only Mode

The medication was already given

The scanner is faulty

Question 9/10

You are scanning a medication and BCMA displays an error message: "Invalid Medication Lookup DO NOT GIVE", what should do?

Contact Pharmacy

Bypassing scanning

Flag the Order in CPRS

Question 10/10

A Code Purple has been initiated, your BCBU is not printing, what should you do?

Contact any other unit to request assistance with printing the MARs

Write down all medications on a paper

Contact OIT



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