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Forces in motion

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2. mass and weight

2. Forces and equillibrium

1. Forces and acceleration

Resultant force is the vector sum of all the forces
A newton is the force required to accelerate a mass of 1kg by 1ms-2 in the direction of the force
force equals mass times acceleration.

Forces and acceleration

Mass of an object is the amount of matter in it . Weight is a force and is measured in Newtons.

Mass weight and centre of mass

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f=mam=750kgt=30su=0ms-1a=f over m. 1.5e3 /750= 2ms-2s=ut+1/2ate2s=0(30)+(1/2 *2 *30e2) = 900.

A spacecraft is at rest in deep space and has a mass of 750 kg . The spacecraft fires its thrusters for 30 seconds producing a constant force of 1.5e3. Calculate the distance travelled in 30 seconds

Fnetx = wx +friction(mg*siin(tita) +0.3=(-0.1*9.81*sin(30)+0.3=-0.1905netx = 0.19N
A smart phone of mass 100 grms slides down an inlcined table. The table is at an angle of 30 degrees from the horizontal . The phone experiences a constant friction of 0.3N. Calculate the magnitude of the net force on the phonein the plane parrallel to the tble. Give you answer to 2 sig figs