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This REP secondary school, located in the Cité Educative in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, is characterised by its dynamic teaching methods and teams committed to helping pupils learn, so that they have the skills they need to graduate and be ready to continue their education in general, technological or vocational secondary schools, as well as in apprenticeships. It also has ULIS and SEGPA facilities, as well as a volleyball sports section.

1. Summary

Did you know? Did you know that our college is part of the largest college courtyard in Paris? Take a look at the photos of our wonderful college! .

2. Pictures of the college

Every week, Mme De Montaine (the vice-principal) sends all her pupils the week's events. The newspaper is called "Le p'tit PMF".

3. the school newspapert

The Action Collégiens scheme, financed by the City of Paris, supports 7,500 teenagers from priority education establishments through tutoring, games, sport, outings, school trips, etc.

​ ​Veni Verdi is an urban farming association operating in the 20th arrondissement and eastern Paris. Set up 13 years ago, Veni Verdi grows flowers, fruit and vegetables in a number of locations in the arrondissement. It all started with a micro-farm at the school Pierre-Mendès France in Porte de Bagnolet. Our school.Students can take part by going to lunch from 12.45pm to 1.30pm. There are often workshops outside lunchtime where pupils can take part. The association's supervisors are very good with pupils and all the activities are free! ​

Action Collègiens

Veni Verdi:

4. extracurricular activitys

With a physics and chemistry teacher, they do a cooking and science workshop during lunchtime.

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Almost every day at the school, music teachers meet with students during lunch break (between 12.30 and 1.30 p.m.) to rehearse for a choir that they will sing at the end of the year. It's a year-long activity and it's free!

molecular cooking club

The choir

-Photos of students in their activities

Our mission To boost young people's self-confidence, immerse them in the world of work and enable them to discover and understand for themselves the realities of business, the challenges it faces, how it is transformed and how it operates. Helping young people at different stages of their career orientation and initial contacts with the world of work: secondary school pupils - high school students - university students Organise applied knowledge of the professional world, in particular its codes and requirements, to facilitate young people's access to their future responsibilities Enable young people to develop skills that will be useful for their future professional integration Include AJE actions in initiatives with a European dimension, such as the ERASMUS programme developed by the Gard Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with which AJE Occitanie is associated, or STE(A)M, in which AJE clubs in Brittany are involved.

​Pupils supported by volunteer high school students Socrate, founded in 2001, is a not-for-profit organisation that works with children from CP to 3ème in Paris, Toulouse and Seine-Saint-Denis. It operates in the field of popular education. We offer a unique form of support: volunteer high school students form a pair with a child whom they support throughout the school year. ​This mentoring scheme involves high school students and middle school or primary schools pupils. The volunteer secondary school pupil's job is to support the same pupil all year round, at his/her school, throughout the school year. However, they only work in groups for one hour a week. The Socrate coordinators ensure that the support sessions run smoothly and that the participants, young and old, feel comfortable. These coordinators are also available to listen to parents.

Association jeunesse et entreprise


​In our college , we currently have 4 AS :- Hip-hop - Volleyball - Basketball - Boxing ​ ​

​ L'ASFully integrated into the school project, the sports association contributes to the liveliness of school life and the success of the pupils. It offers pupils the opportunity to practise one or more sports each week, throughout the year, for 3 hours (particularly on Wednesday afternoons). The sports association (AS), as its name suggests, is an association governed by the law of 1901. It is affiliated to the Union Nationale du Sport Scolaire (UNSS). The purpose of the UNSS is to organise and develop sporting activities. ​The AS takes place at lunchtime from 12.45pm to 1.30pm, the time when lessons resume. ​The AS is run by the UNSS and organised by the teachers at our school.​ .

5. Sports Association

La Caisse des écoles du 20e is an autonomous local public establishment of a compulsory nature whose activity is strictly limited to users of public schools. It serves 13,500 meals daily. It also organizes vacation trips in summer so that the right to vacation for all becomes a reality and helps finance educational projects for schools.

6. Caisses Des Ecoles

In 2020, the European Union financed €30,000 for school trips to different countries over 4 years. The countries visited were Turkey, Poland, Spain, Sicily (an island in southern Italy) and France. The trip was completely free. Here are some photos of mobility in Sicily 2023.

7. Erasmus

-Every year at the PMF college there are several clubs and activities, most of which take place during lunchtime, to encourage students to take part in activities.Percussion workshop;Choir workshop; Garden and DIY club; Nature club; Chess Club; French "Prépa brevet" workshop; Fencing workshop; Molecular Cuisine workshop; Club "N'oubliez pas les paroles"; Lycée and preparatory classes" success project; Homework done" success project; Maths and Science Success Project; Orientation Success Project.

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