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English File Unit 1B

Lynn Bradshaw MA

Comparison + effect





At 3:20 in the early morning, we were awakened from our sleep by the shaking of our bed. As we lay there, the shaking became more intense. Things started to fall. The louder it became, the more we understood that we needed to take cover. We rolled out of bed and under it, and we waited for the shaking to end. When it did, the room was still and silent except for our beating hearts.

IIf you were long hours you will earn more money >If you read two chapters a day you will soon finish the book > If it rains a lot then the river will return to normal quickly >

The bigger the job the higher the cost.The longer the holiday the more expensive it is.The easier the homework, the shorter the study time.

It begins with a comparative phrase such as the better, the more, the higher, etc. It is followed by the effect which also begins with a comparative phrase such as the more, the greater, the better, the lesser, the fewer, the harder.

The more we learn, the less we know.

The more you give, the more you lose.

The larger the paycheck, the greater the purchase. noun-nounThe lower the rates, the more the borrowers.*The stronger, the better. (coffee, nations, will) adjective-adjectiveThe bigger, the better. (toys, cars) adjective-adjective The more, the merrier. (people) adjective-adjective The higher they rise, the more they earn. clause-clauseThe older I get, the more I understand.


Lynn Bradshaw A

English File Unit 1B

Describing people, places, things

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Can you remember clothes vocabulary? Choose a person and then describe what they are wearing.

This is an amazing bus which is being used to take tourists around Warsaw. How would you describe this in a chat message to someone who has never seen one before? BTW it is a Cucumber Bus.

Describe the bus

These are describing words.When you put two together they come compounds and give you a great range of expression.


SOME modifiers

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