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This is an interactive image explaining the life cycle of a frog.



The life cycle of a frogGrade 3 ScienceMadison Wendling

Directions: Class, today we will learn about the different stages of a frog life cycle. You will need to go through the interactive image and click on each icon.There are 7 interactive hotspots on the image that you will need to go through. You will need to click on each icon and then blue buttons will pop up. You will need to click on whatever the blue button says which may be Tooltip, audio, window, etc. which will take you to the different activities. One of them is tricky to find so you will need to drag your cursor around the page until you discover it. Feel free to take notes as you explore the interactive image or draw pictures to help you remember the information. Objective: By the end of this lesson, you will all be able to identify the five stages of a frogs life cycle.

Frogs undergo what we call metamorphosis. The process all starts from jelly like eggs that are laid from a female frog, typically in a pond. It then turns into a tadpole, a tadpole with legs, a young frog, and then an adult frog.

The purpose of watching this video is to learn about the life cycle of a frog. After watching this video, I would like you to answer the question below in your science notebook. Feel free to take notes during the video! What do you call a baby frog?

Enjoy this frog joke to end the lesson:) What do stylish frogs wear? Jumpsuits

Watch this video about different sounds a frog can make!

Frog Article

If you click on the purple circle, then click "link" it will take you to the link of the article you need to read. You need to copy and paste that link into a new tab on google chrome and then read the article. The purpose of this article is to give you all knowledge about what happens in each stage of the life cycle. It will explain how they go from one stage to the next.

Frog Garden

I have included a map of where a frog garden is located in St. Louis, MO. To look at the map, you need to click on the gray icon by "Frog Garden." This will take you to the map.

This frog garden is a community garden in Gravois Park. The garden offers mulch and compost free for neighbors.