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COLLABORATE: We build our books of business with autonomy, but we recognize that no one gets there alone. We leverage the collective knowledge, experience and expertise of fellow Dark Horse CPAs to reach our potential both professionally and personally.

ASSERT: We are not the archetype of the traditional pushover accountant. To the contrary, we stand our ground when others attempt to push us into an agenda that does not align with our values, resources or strengths. We advocate for what is best for ourselves, the client and the world. We say "no" so that we can give 100% to the things we say "yes" to.

RELATE: We are sociable and well-rounded people who build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. We believe that elevated accounting and tax outcomes only happen within the context of an authentic relationship.

EDUCATE: We are lifelong learners. We embrace a culture of learning that facilitates the evolution of our technical knowledge and technological capabilities. We continually up-level our skillsets and services to not only remain relevant in the marketplace, but to gain competitive advantage over less agile firms.

SUPPORT: We support our family and friends, our clients, our colleagues, and charitable causes. The goal of self-care is to have more to give to the people and causes that give our life meaning.