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MLA format for articles

Formatting a Quotation Part 2

Formatting a Quotation Part 1

Works Cited

Using MLA and embedding citations

Citing Electronic Resources in MLA

1. Use the article title and first+last name of the author the first time the source is referenced.

  • Example: In "Why A.I. Does Not Produce Effective Essays," Rachel Everson mentions that many A.I. essays lack unique voice.
2. After the first time, simply include the author's last name at the beginning or end.Example: Everson points out, "1 in 2 A.I. essays failed a teacher's rubric."Listen to the audio here: https://voca.ro/13SrBdCpn9zJ

Formatting a Quotation (Author first)

Note the puntuation highlightedbelow:Rachel Everson states, "Many students need to practice writing to improve over time."A comma goes before the quotation mark. A period goes inside the quotation mark.Listen to the audio here: https://voca.ro/1dXvYtmY6MXB

Formatting Quotations-In-Text Citation

You may choose to put the citation at the end of a quotation.Direct quotation example: It's also true that "many students do not have enough experience writing" (Everson).Paraphrase example:Many students need more practice writing (Everson).*Notice the author's last name is in parentheses. The parentheses come AFTER the quotation mark, and the period comes AFTER the parentheses. Listen to the audio here: https://voca.ro/1mEl3JJTOgbE

Works Cited

Later in the year, we will create a full works cited with multiple sources. This 1) gives credit to all the sources you used within your essay, and 2.) gives the reader a place to find and (if he/she wanted to, look up)your sources. For your assignment, you'll just need to cite the article you choose to deconstruct.This is a good resource to use, but be sure what it generates matches how a source should look when it is cited. https://www.citationmachine.net/mla/cite-a-websiteInformation included in a works cited entry:1. Author. 2. Title of source. 3. Title of container, 4. Other contributors, 5. Version, 6. Number, 7. Publisher, 8. Publication date, 9. Location. Listen to the audio here: https://voca.ro/11S3VMHyN3sk

Regas, Diane. “Three Key Energy Policies That Can Help Us Turn the Corner on Climate.” Environmental Defense Fund, 1 June 2016, www.edf.org/blog/2016/06/01/3-key-energy-policies-can-help-us-turn-corner-climate. ccessed 19 July 2016.

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