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Participatory Futures Project

By Preston Marbain


Let us dive in.

For this project I will be using multimodal resources, to give an interactive environment on the topic of social bias and selfish tendencies with the use of technology, social media and party culture especially the impact it can have on people in a college environment and overall the psychological effects of media have to play into social bias tendencies, and how as a community I see this being an effect on us and how we could grow from this.

In this interactive media platform, I will include videos and audio media to incorporate into the project topic, using TikTok and social media content.


Community and world culture change on this issue

Do we as a community need to work on human comparisons and the ability to get sucked into a personal human vanity structured way of living with the uses of media?Most everyone I know would answer yes on this topic, but I am curious about the class's point of view and answer to this question. For a world community and media culture change, I think media consumption can be a very toxic setting and energy in our current generation and being almost trained in media culture. I believe as a world we cut back on media consumption and realize the media and social world we are in and experiencing nowadays. As well as using the elements of design thinking. Next slide to continue this journey.

Youth media consumption world change

Using the design thinking elements for the effects of social media impacts on social settings and personal vanity. To start with inspiration for this world change, imagine a world where media was not a part of how you viewed your body or the standard of beauty, or how you examine and compare your personal lives to others. Would you believe there would be a benefit to it or a disadvantage? Empathy plays into empathetic feelings toward men and women who struggle with this daily struggle of comparison. I believe media diets and consumption are one of the largest reasons for mental health issues and how social media can give a false reality and fixation on many things. For ideation and the support of convergent and divergent thinking strategies brainstorm and think outside the social media bubble and personal digital box, and separate yourself from your media life in your personal life. For the last implementation and prototyping the ideation of stepping outside of the media lifestyle and using that as a tested lifestyle and evaluating how the use of media truly makes you feel, especially social media.

Change in the media world

For a change in the world that results in order to bring about a future where we all survive and thrive in the future I believe we need to cut out toxic social media energy from our lives and invision a future without media for ourselves, I believe as a generation we would thrive for the future without media usage. I do fully understand that this is a concept most of our generation will never get behind as the benefits of social media as well, but the mental effects of media consumption and social media settings is detrimental on our futures mental health and future social standards with a fake reality. The media has a very negative impact on our generations perception of themselves, I would change the need for humans to compare themselves and for our generation to constantly post and try to selfishly subconsciously compare themselves to others, and almost be in a constant comparison and selfish battle between their peers. I see that in a lot of peer grouped social medias, the constant need to compare who is the best or post content that " proves " you have more than your peers.

Depending on which social media you chose previously

No matter which social media platform you choose, I think everyone has experienced social media catering before, whether it is your for-you page, your ad pop-ups, or just your new articles. Now think about the way technology and social media catering play into daily lives and the unrealistic social standard social media sets for us nowadays with so much technology at our fingertips. In the photo beside is my personal curated for you page.

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Unrealistic standards of social media

TikTok visual

Social Media Affects

Both of these icons have interactive features as well.

Linked between these two interactive computer icons, are examples of social standards within TikTok.

Although I feel social media leaves a hugely beneficial impact on us, I also believe it plays into a lot of personal self-esteem issues and plays into your day-to-day life. By my example of unrealistic standards in the past few slides, I wanted to show and give you an example of an unrealistic social media standard that has left people in my generation feeling like they have been left behind. I believe social media also has an impact on how our day-to-day lives work in University settings, which I am going to touch on next.

How social media plays into social selfish tendencies and social bias situations.

Social bias behaviors in day-to-day life.

Greek life content.

these two icons have links attached.

Also to play a bit more into the fraternity life and the pledging and rush process, and the effects hazing has had on future fraternity brothers mentally and physically even sometimes resulting in death. The hazing process is a harmful process for anyone teenage or early 20s males with a borderline selfish agenda on the pledge master's end. Below I am linking two articles on the tragic results from hazing in Universities.

Greek Life social bias

Using an example of Greek life and sorority and fraternity rushing as an example of social bias standards through technology and in-person interactions. When rushing for a sorority or fraternity they use social media to pick who has the most engagement and followers and their media demographic and if it fits their social catering for the sorority or fraternity you are rushing, I personally feel that the mental effects of this can be harmful to someone of my age (19) rushing due to the standard set that if you are not a typical "it" girl you do not qualify for a greek life setting, when this plays into the social effects on our generation for how the impact of social media and technology can also play an negative impact onto your in-person lifestyle. Without social media, the Greek life standard would be based on your in-person influence and focusing on who you are as a person and not your media portfolio, The University of Alabama did a recent documentary on HBO on the effects girls had mentally on the social standard of University of Alabama sororities and the rushing process. Below I will link the trailer to this documentary. Although through the mental effects social media has on our generation, especially in University settings, social media can be a great tool for engagement purposes and connecting with our peers outside of the classroom and the advantage of social media for social events.

Social Behaviors in Media.

Unrealistic standards are portrayed by social media. From a girl's standpoint, The unrealistic standards of social media have a negative impact on many young girls my age, which play into a socially catered setting of unrealistic standards for men and women. Although content creators like Alix Earle have had a high impact on University students with her social media presence being able to set up a scholarship through the University of Miami, I think there's always going to be a negative impact through media usage and influence. This plays into the standard of human vanity in social media settings, and how it can create a public social setting that we compare to ourselves mentally, especially with young women in our generation I think human vanity has a huge impact on many young women emotionally, as I have personally experienced myself the need to compare yourself to many other people we don't even know with the use of social media. With the arrow below let us dive into more of social behaviors with the incorporation of human vanity.

+ Alix Earle TikTok

This link is to a TikTok of another teenage girl's perspective on the issue of human vanity standards.

Human Vanity Standards

The way social media can set you into a personal vanity standard by withdrawing yourself from reality and almost letting yourself be put into a selfish state of focusing too much on personal gain, which I have personally experienced through social media culture causing a mental impact on my generation by feeling behind, or not pretty enough, not skinny enough, being single, not being accomplished enough athletically or professionally, and baseline just having social media being a constant state of comparison. A lot of body and appearance issues also come from social media standards, but the truth I don't think a lot of younger viewers see is that social media is a split second in someone's life and not the full picture as well as the use of media being tampered with such as face tune, photoshop, and more self-editing software.

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Miro Map for Human Vanity Rabbithole.

As part of our project outline was to incorporate our Miro map I also designed a new rabbit hole Miro map to explain the ways my generation can be sucked into social media settings and standards.

+ Miro Map link

Unhealthy tendencies are in public spaces that we wish to emulate.

As you have just seen in the Miro Map rabbit hole, we as humans have the tendency to emulate what other people are doing on social media platforms, to be asked how this plans into a vision to save or heal humanity, with the amount of technology we have nowadays with media being as we talked about advantage for social bias standards in University and greek life, as well in day to day lives, then touching on media persona and the effects it leaves on younger audiences and especially my generation, we will now jump into the connection of this into the rabbit hole of thriving with media in the future and how our media diet plays into our future as a worldwide community.

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Conclusions on how current and future technology can effect us, and have a positive result

- Unkown

‘I have so much to say, I just don't know how.’

The effects of the media seem to have more of a negative impact with a psychological take, even though social media is a benefit to us all ( as an example we are able to take this class online) the use of media in the future is to be aware of media and technology digestion and the use of constant media as technology is only going to grow in the future as well as the use of Artificial intelligence in the future that we are unaware of the progression of AI at this time in technology. With social media growing with time, I do not see the psychological effects of social media coming to an end but the remembrance to engage in our own reality and not be sucked into our media orbit is something we should all encourage into a future with media consumption. Realization of this change is another benefit to social media, due to social media being at our finger tips our peers have the ability to speak on this current issue as examples in some of the links from past slides.

Personal challenges for this vision.

Constructing media intake and social bias settings in our world and social and party environments will always be a challenge due to the contradicting benefits of technology and media, but many young women and men struggling with social behaviors and unrealistic human vanity standards are all over the world in today's age. As well as available research about the psychology of social media and technology intake agrees that it sets a fake reality way of living and 86% of people from Generation Z say that could not go a day without technology. For psychiatrists to take on the matter they believe in setting down technology for as much time as possible in your day-to-day lives as well as remembering the significance of a fake media reality.

Positive obsession and Future Visions for outside of this classroom

A positive obsession associated with social standards and personal construction would be constant negative outlooks and compassion on yourself or your stage in life. Playing into my personal podcast project earlier in the class, the feeling of being left behind is a constant feeling for many young individuals of any age, without taking a step back and realizing what you have achieved you can get lost in the media's false reality of not being enough in your career or even in your own skin, embrace your life and your achievements.

    For future visionary impacts outside of the classroom, I would personally say understand the volume of media intake you engage in a day and for our personal and professional lives with technology continuing to grow so quickly in a blink of an eye, as well as constantly pushing yourself to leave your constructed media bubble and engage in your real reality environments.


    One of my peers in a Penn group anonymously said " The problem with this social media climate is that it leads people to be responding to others eventually and amps up anger, it is such a toxic environment and people need to recognize that it is unproductive at best."Looking over the visuals and explanations of social bias standards and the role of human vanity in selfish and toxic environments having a hold on our community and world. As a whole, we need to step back and realize this issue before our technology continues to grow in an unhealthy way and continues to construct our real-world environment and reality.

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    You can add additional content that will excite your audience’s brains: videos, images, links, interactivity ... Whatever you like!

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    You can add additional content that will excite your audience’s brains: videos, images, links, interactivity ... Whatever you like!

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    You can add additional content that will excite your audience’s brains: videos, images, links, interactivity ... Whatever you like!

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