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A2 Personal progression - Lets consider your mental health today

How are you feeling?

You have been sent a question on Teams, please answer this.

Find an image that makes you think of relaxation, take yourself there, close your eyes and think about it for 2 minutes - lets embrace some quiet.

Now take 1o minutes to do something you enjoy to wind down and relax.

Play a game

Read an audio book

Listen to music

Talk to someone

Go outside for a walk

Do some art/drawing

Discuss what A2 unit is about

Manage our wellbeing

Learn about and Complete the wheel the of life

Learning Intentions...




What is the wheel of life ?and how do we use it to hElp manage our mental health and our career goals.

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Make sure this is saved in your class notebook area under section A2 personal progression.

Make a start on your wheel of life.

Take some time for you everyday, do something you love and enjoy at least once in a day and be mindful of how you react to others around you.

You are all doing great. write something nice for the person you are sitting next to. Add the persons name at the top, fold it and give in.