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Success means different things to different people, but it often boils down to achieving what you want, feeling happy and fulfilled, and getting a sense of accomplishment. Here are some common ideas that people might connect with success:

Define success to you ? what is having success for you, What does it look like?

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Tips Interactivity is the key to capturing the interest and attention of your students. interactive because students explore and engage with it.

In the Census Bureau's most recent 2022 findings, the percentage of people with a bachelor's degree or higher remained stable from the previous year at around 37.7%. Americans are still prioritizing college.

Success is achievable. As long as you reach for the top.

Did you know? We retain 42% more information when the content has movement. It may be the most effective resource for capturing your students’ attention. Success has many forms of creativity...

Getting Stuff Done: Success often involves setting and reaching goals, whether they're related to my job, learning, personal growth, or other parts of my life.

Success to me means

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Money Matters: Having enough money, getting ahead financially, and feeling secure is a big part of my successful. Job Success: Climbing up the work ladder, getting recognized for my work, and reaching a position I want are all about success at work.

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Feeling Good: Being happy, content, and satisfied in my life is a big part of success. It's about having a sense of purpose and feeling good about where I am.

Sometimes easier said than done. Life can be exhausting as I reach for success :)

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Learning and Growing: Success might mean always learning, picking up new skills, and knowing more as the world changes. Getting better as a person, learning more about myself, and facing challenges are all ways I see success.

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5 key points TED Talks ;Chris S.John Gordon & Richard St. John. 1.Be Positive2.Overcome Challenges3. never give up4. have a visual- plan5.Purpose


face your fears

Dont Quit

visualize you success