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Interpreting the equation for slope of a line


Slope of a Line

Interpreting the slope equation


8th Grade Math

Tiffany Trogdon


You will be able to interpret the slope equation (y=mx+b).


Using the intereactive image on the next page, you will be learning about the equation for slope of a line. There are 7 buttons for you to follow along with and 1 invisible button for you to find. In this activity, you will have audio that you need to listen to, a video to watch with a question to answer, and a practice problem.


The b in the formula y=mx+b is the y-intercept. That means that is where the line crosses the y-axis. In this example, the b is 5.

This is the y-axis.

This is the x-axis.

What is the slope of this line?

Using this graph, what would the equation of this line be?

Listen to the audio to know what this equation means. This is another way to find the slope. It is important to know that when looking at the points on a graph in (x,y) form that y2 will always go with x2 and y1 will always go with x1.

Watch this video and then answer the question. In this video, what is another name that he calls the slope (m) of the line?