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Gamification PlanScenario


You have been tasked with incorporating gamification into a customer service training program at your workplace.


Calculate a reward points system

Decide what software to use

Consider the topic, learners, and outcomes

What do you do first?

Determine goals and learning objectives

Decide your budget

Create personas for your learners

Correct! Now that you have considered the topic, learners, and outcomes, what should you do next?

Indentify stakeholders

Identify budget

Identify learner actions

Now that your objectives have been determined, what should be done next?



You have created a chart with the information you have determined. Should you also include learner motivations?

Begin building gamification elements

Announce gamification initiative

Determine gamification mechanics and rewards

What is the next step?

Determine metrics for measuring success

Design the gamification elements

Test gamification elements

What is the final step in your plan?

You are well on your way to incorporating gamification in your training! Now you can design, test, revise, and implement your game!

Well done!



Try again

This does not need to be done at this stage.

Try again

This should not be done yet in this stage.

Partially correct

You may choose do to this at this stage. Close the windowand select what would you do after creating the personas.

try again

You're not ready to start designing yet.

Try again

The game has not been built yet and cannot be tested!

Try again

This is not the next step.

try again

It's too early to do this!

Try again

This can be done later in the process.Click the X in the upper right to try again.

try again

You should consider your learner's motivations at this stage.

Try again

It's too early to do this!

Try again

This can be done much later in the process. Click the X in the upper right to try again.