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By Raegan Ashcraft

Toool Talk Physical Education :)

Health Pebbel Go by Capstone

Enhancing My Practice

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Affordances and Constraints

Who might benefit from this?

What literacy issue does this help solve?

How does the tool work?

What is the tool and why are we interested in it?


What Is the tool, & why Are we interestD In It!?


Title 2

Pebble Go Health is an interactive app that gives students k-3 a deeper understanding of social emotional concepts, and fundamental health and safety concepts.

Pebble Go Health!

How Does Pebble Go health work!?


Pebble GO Works by

Helps connect other disciplines together with health

Encourages social and emotional learning

Offers interactive games and activities to promote learning

Allowing students to explore different content areas relating to social wellness and health!





What literacy issue does this help solve?


The literacy issue that this solves is the physical literacy issue of background knowledge, and identification of healthy habits!

Students struggle to understand the why behind movement and how physical education applies to their lifes beyond the classroom. The Pebble Go Health app helps provide students with more backgroud information about health and healthy habits.


Who Might Benefit From The apP?




Who Benefits?

Affordances/ Constraints




Contraints would be present because of the cost. I am unable to just purchase the health part, so I am unable to limit it to health content. I am also unable to add or delete content on the app. Another constraint would be students that do not have access to wifi or a working computer.

The primary affordances of Pebble Go Health inlude the different ways that information is presented. The students will be given the opportunity to view information through reading, audio books, videos, and or through games.





Only $1299 A Year!!!!

Most ratings were 5/5 or 4/5 stars. The price and interactive elements sold most educators. Negatives were lack of student result tracking

Reviews from the community

2 Connections


Interpret Visually

Read Aloud

Literacy in the disciplines discusses the importance of depicting visually refrences on page 118. Students have to be able to make sense of different graphs and images presented to them. This app provides students several opportuinties to understand health components through visual refrences such as images, videos, and interactive activities. The building of this skill will strengthen their comprehnsion abilities.

This app provides several opportuities to read content aloud. Although the methods may differ from the textbook, the purpose is the same. Read Alouds on page 108 of the Literacy in the disciplines are "a way for students to get involved with a topic".This app offers students the opportunity to read aloud to themselves and or their peers, which increses interest in the topic and can also improve comprehension.

How will it enhance my practice?


It will help me ensure that every student has some degree of background in health and wellness so I can build off those ideas in my lessons

This program includes how to manage emotions, this knowledge I will be able to apply to my life and create classroom managemnt ideas that revolve around those practices

With this app, I can easily collaborate with other teaches and content areas. I can incorporate reading and different vocabulary into my lesson plans


Manage Emotions


Students are actively reading short excerpts which helps them build their knowledge and reading skills. They are also presented with videos to help enhance understanding. It is not often that students get to read in physical education settings. This app helps include other disciplinary aspects to health!

Physical Literacy - is the ability to move with competence and confidence through different locomotor skills, as well as identify healthy habits.

Students can choose from several differnet content areas which extends their knowledge beyond just the classroom. A common mispreception about physical education and health is that it only occurs in a classroom. Students forget that healthy choices can be made outside of school!

Home Page

It is essential for students to learn how to manage emotions and grow their interpersonal skills to develop meaningful relationships! This program encourages students to develop socially and emotionally!

Lesson Example

Here is an example of an interactive activity in the careers module.

  • - encouraged to learn alongside their childern and adapt healthy habits to encourage physical education outside of the classroom!
  • Children develop knowledge about personal hygine
  • Indepentence
  • gain insight to the concepts and knowledge taught to their children.


  • Increases background knowledge about health
  • Emotional and Social development
  • Simle to utilize
  • Interdisciplinary information
  • Visual and Audio Learning
  • Increase Comprehension
  • Promotes Independent Learning


  • Supplied with different lesson plans
  • Activities, graphics
  • Program administration training
  • Professional Workshops
  • Training Videos
  • Reports about usage
  • Gives teachers the ability to teach in an alternate way!


Modules of Health