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What attracts us to the mysterious?

  1. Elements of suspense interactive hotspot picture.
  2. Answer questions on slide 2. They are also found on your handout.

8th Grade ELAMrs. Heather Carriaga

  • What are the essential elements of suspense?
  • How do the stories we have studied so far use these elements?
  • What elements did Poe use in The Tell Tale Heart?
  • Hidden hotspot: Who is the master of suspense?

There are 7 hotspots on the picture in the following slide, including a hidden spot, the hidden spot includes an extra credit opportunity. Your job is to click on the hotspots on the picture to answer the questions on the handout.

The Birds Trailer has several suspense elements in it. What are some you can see?

What do you think Suspense means?

Suspense element!


Essential Element for Suspense

Essential Suspense Element

Master of suspense