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Mystery BreakoutTest your knowledge to solve the Mystery

BioPsychology 380- The Effects of Stress on Learning and Memory



You stumbled across a mystery you are trying to solve. You find out the mystery involves a neuropsychologist who is testing you on your knowledge of stress. Learn a long the way to help you to solve the mystery


Mission 1





Automatic responses happen when under stress. Your reaction can be managed by doing lots of practice through repetition. This practice forces your body into a certain response in which you trained it to do.

Chronic or severe stress will impact the formation of long-term memories, it will interfere with the consolidation process making it difficult to transfer information from short term to long term memory storage.

High Levels of stress can make it challenging to concentrate and pay attention, This can hinder the ability to acquire new information and fully engagae the learning process

Stress can interefere with the formation of new memories, particularly in the hippocampus. The hippocamus is the region repsonsible memory consolidation

Managing stress is crucial on mitigating the effects of stress on learning and memory. You can engage in meditation,regular exercise, getting sufficient sleep, and having a good support system

Answer the question and you will find out the address of the following scenario

Learniing rebuttals helps you to reinforce learning

Frequent drills increase awareness of non buyers

Frequent drilling builds automatic resposne when stressed

You are a salesman. At work you must do daily training teaching you how to take reubuttal clients on objections. Why might this be drilled so frequently?

Mnemonic devices are very effective ways to help you to remember information more effectively. They provide quick and automatic cues to assist with memory


Frontal Lobe


What part of the brain is reposnsible for meory consolidation?

Long term meory

Working memory

Does chronic or severe stress affect which of the following?

Short term memory


Exercise,and lots of sleep

Staying up all night studying when you have a test

How to best manage the effcts of stress on your memory?

The witness may now have altered memories of the events

The witness may lie to cover up details they forgot

Thewitness has all new memories

Why might one be afraid to give a witness sattement for an event that happened years ago?



Remember the code

Adrenal Glands


Locus Coeruleus

What structure helps to release epinephrine in the brain

You're almsost to the end. I'm glad i can rember things from a long time ago,I wonder why that could be


Speeding Heartbeat

Relaxing Bronchi

Release of glucose from the liver

What effect of epinephrine in the blood may contribute to long term memory?

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