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Recent Problems

By: Juicy, Phoenix, and Malyse

Please Stop


Inappropriate Behavior

Gabriel's Obvious Stupidity

Inappropriate Behavior (continued)

Sexual Noises

Sammie's Addiction

Sammie It Is Not Giving

Poly Nightmare

Malyse's Triggers

The Audacity

Here we have the Pie Chart of The Audacity.The color that is taking up most of the space is the percantage of Innappropraite Behavior, the second largest is Sexual Noises, and lastly the smallest sliver is the amount of time you've spent with your FRIENDS.Innappropraite Behavior- 90%Sexual Noises- 9.5%Spending Time With Friends- .5%

JuicyPlease y’all take this from a hoe…it’s going over the limits. Just chill it out..it’s ok if you want to be somewhat freaky but like having sex 24/7 that’s beyond wild. I love you guys but even for me…Chill the Fuck Out! Also Sammie chill with your addiction it’s not morphine…and Gabe you need serious therapy unless you on that substance

MalysePlease for the love of god, you damned athiests need to stop whorin' in these damned streets.

Our Testimonies

PhoenixY'all need to chill out, it's fine if y'all wanna get freaky in dms, but don't show that shit in the daylight. It's uncomfortable and awkward as fuck. Sammie you need to DEADASS touch grass. You need to play better games that'll actually stimulate your baby girl brain.

This all started on that fatefull day of Semptember 9th, 2023.Sammie thought it was a good idea to get all flirty during a "roleplay" in this one high school game we were currently playing. Little did she know this was the beginning that started the hopefull end.After that, ever since we joined that game Gabe waited FIVE HOURS just so he could release his pent up emotions with the help of Sammie's sweet relief.Why are you writing it like this you may ask or start to wonder. You accused so and so of writing fanfics, having fantasies, and even fetishes of such things.Lemme ask you a real question. Where is the Lie?

Inappropriate Behavior

To continue on what I was saying, these past few days it's been back to back occurences of such vulgar behavior from you two. Don't act like we don't know..because we unfoturnately had to experience the horrors of what went around and about when y'all had your..'interactions.'It's ok if this is truly what you two desire, but this is something that is not desired by the public that you have outrageously exposed yourselves to.

Inappropriate Behavior(continued)

The noises that should be considered cursed are ones that you both have made. The slurps and gwaks that we've heard and listened to without consent is unbelievable.At one point it had reached TWO PLUS HOURS of such behavior.It has even gotten to the point that a polyamorous relationship has been brought up (e-wise). This is not to be us busting anyone's balls, but this isn't something that makes people around you comfortable.

Sexual Noises/Poly Nightmare

I know you said that you just went with it, but that does not exclude you from owning up to your own actions. That NO ONE influenced you to do.You said, "I don't care," well we do and honestly it is not giving. Be aware like be for real.Your addiction to a janky game is concerning your so called baby daddy, and she doesn't want you to go brain dead before you could give her head.

Sammie it is Not Giving & Your Addiction

I understand you probably want to bicker or that's just how you communicate with me, but it's gotten to the point that it is now really pissing me off.Yeah it can be funny at times, but at some points where it's gotten repeatitive, MULTIPLE TIMES, it has gotten me so close to just going ape shit :)Don't worry this isn't me trying to actually make you as a comeplete dumbass because I have just been laughing it off or going silent about it. So I'll let you know a little bit about me since you haven't really gotten the chance to.I'm not some random crackhead that screams on occasion and is horrified of insects.I tend to bottle up my emotions until I explode, which even then I keep putting tape over the cracks to keep anything from seeping out. Even once I've comepletely lost it and I'm done with literally everything, I either go silent because I'm reflecting on myself, how I feel, what to say, and how to go about things. I don't like making people awkward or putting people in uncomfortable situations.Another thing, I tend to put others first before giving myself a chance, and even then I ignore how I feel because I'm worried about you guys and will always put you all first.That should answer the question of Why now?

Gabriel's Obvious Stupidity

Malyse's Triggers

In Conclusion

  • Tone down the horniness (keep in dms)
  • Control y'all selves in group calls
  • Take action with your addictions Sammie
  • Sammie you've dug your own grave ( you've made your bed, now sleep in it)
  • Respect Boundries
  • Pay Attention
  • Take this as a Learning Experience and Grow form here

"Once a hoe, always a hoe."

- A Real Wise Motherfucker