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Mu biggest fear coming to college was being able to make friends. The person in the picture is one of my best friends and my roommate. Having him here with me made the process of moving here a lot easier.

Developing a community is very important to me. Having a support system in a place that is not home can be beneficial for people like me with anxiety.

Getting involved on campus wass not very hard. Partly because it was required by this class to attend events, but also because I wanted to go to support my school.

This is an image from one of the woman's soccer games that I attended. I took this picture because I truley think we have one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.

Advice I would give is you need to use the resources provided by the school. It's free, it's easy, and they literally just want to help you succeed!

This is a pictuer of me visiting my biology teacher during her office hours so she can explain something to me. She was very helpful!

I have learned about myself that I am a lot more social than I was in high school. I am able to have conversations with people without being an awkward weirdo.

Kearney High School is where I went to high school. Drake is pumping away from it because I didn't like high school. Drake then is in agreement with Park University because I like it here.

The process of accomplishing my micro-goals was pretty easy in my head. I just had to put myself out there and the rest fell into place. I became less anxious and more comfortable around people.

In this, I am socializing with other student-athletes. I am proud to now be able to call these my friends.

A great study habit I have used is doing all my homework at my desk. I have 2 monitors that make working on assignments much easier, and it really helped with studying for biology.

I know it is a mess right now, but this is where I work. It's very cozy and feels a bit more like home.