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Staff Guidance

On the Ethical and Responsible use of Generative Artificial Intelligence


There are many things to consider when using generative artificial intelligence. Please ensure that you are aware of how to prompt, view, and use the generated materials appropriately.

Responsible Use of AI

Never share Personally Identifiable Information with an AI.The data shared is not secure and could be used to train the LLM in the future.

Learn to refine your prompts so that you get the results you are looking for. (There are some example prompts on the Writing Prompts and Large Language Models pages of the DLD Website)

View all ChatBot responses critically.

Responsible Use of AI

The AI may have access to unimaginable resources, but it doesn't always provide correct or appropriate information.

Some models are more prone to hallucinations and will manufacture false information or cite false sources.

AI may also produce biased responses or build on a biased prompt.

Responsible Use of AI

Ultimately, you are responsible for all materials shared with students and any student material shared with AI.

Model the use of AI by using it ethically, responsibly, and by attributing it as a source as you would cite any published media.

Consult with your content director regarding further guidance on the acceptable use of artificial intelligence in your classroom.

There are a lot of ways to use generative AI, but it is not to a point where it can replace a teacher's knowledge and understanding of both content and the learner's needs.

Generative AI can save you a lot of time, but you need to be vigilant in reviewing all generated materials!

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