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Hannah WilkinsYear 3 Digital Sketch Book

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap has been declining slowly over time; over the last decade it has fallen by approximately a quarter among full-time employees, and in April 2023 it stands at 7.7%. There remains a large difference in the gender pay gap between employees aged 40 years and over and those aged under 40 years. Compared with lower-paid employees, the gender pay gap among higher earners is much larger, however this difference has decreased in recent years. The gender pay gap has decreased across all major occupational groups between 2022 and 2023. The gender pay gap in skilled trades occupations remains the largest of the major occupational groups, however, it has also decreased by the largest amount over the past years. The gender pay gap among full-time employees is higher in every English region than in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. The gender pay gap measures the difference between average hourly earnings (excluding overtime) of men and women as a proportion of men's average hourly earnings (excluding overtime). It is a measure across all jobs in the UK, not of the difference in pay between men and women for doing the same job.The Annual Survey for Hours and Earnings (ASHE) is based on employer responses for a 1% sample of employee jobs, using HM Revenue and Customs Pay As You Earn (PAYE) records to identify individuals' current employer. Throughout this bulletin, the terms 'jobs' and 'employees' are used interchangeably.

Overlaying paintings in 2 colours as the use of green and red light change the images

Double Images

3 Peices of Art that are combined into one, but from different angles each can be seen on its own. From Left, Right and Center.


3 Way Illusion

Wine is also an aphrodisiac because it includes a plethora of antioxidants. Red wine in particular is a strong suggestive potion, especially for women, but any type that utilizes fruit falls into the category. The better the wine is, the better the aphrodisiac it is.

In film women are typically associated with the beverage wine, holding wine glasses to seem elegant an sexy.

The Wine Glass:There are many traditions and rituals and ideas of the sensory perception surrounding wine and the shape of the wine glasses all starting with Riedel in the 18th century. Before this nobody had noticed or thought that the shape of the glass from which you were drinking could affect the taste, balance and finish of a wine. The large and small bowls for different wines is something that has remained popular but despite extensive research on the subject there is still no scientific evidence that the glass has much if any impact on the wine. What does seem to have a consequent impact on the wine is the practice of decanting.The Wine: The Ancient Egyptians believed that wine was a gift from the Goddess of Fertility. In Ancient Greece, Wine was associated with the Godess of Agriculture, Dionysus. It was considered women were the only ones who could preform the rituals properly forementing and Crafting delicious wine and ensure the wines were blessed by the Gods. The rituals oftern involved ecstatic dancing and singing, and were seen as a form of religious devotion.

Shoot 1: Wine Glass

The Actor Will Smith created the Title Sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel Air - the sequence includes main character and actor Will Smith spinning in a thrown chair ontop of a playful grafiti background conveying the ideas if the tv show as Will is From Philidelphia and used to spray painting on walls for fun. This side of playfulness within the idea of grafitti was conveyed in my own work with the additional influence of Alec Monopoly.

3 Way Illisuion

I decided to draw 3 A1 Images of Disnseys main characters Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Starting with the main characters i adapted their backgrounds in the style of Alec Monopoly and the Theme tune of Th Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Grafitti sequence.My Characters developed into Money Mouse, Donald the Don and Ganja Goofy. Their unconventional Popculture versions, displaed into simbolism and iconography rlated to their names.

Alec Andon, known as Alec Monopoly is a street artist and DJ, orignally from New York plays with natoriusly known charac ters of Richie Rich and Mr. Monopoly as well as McDuck. his artwork sells for just short of $10,000. They Consist of Colourful playful backgrounds or backgrounds relating to the character painted - for example Mr. Monopoly usually consists of The Monopoly cards and Monopoly Money ect. The Character Ritchie Rich's Backgrounds consist of prints from the cartoon series of stories or hand fulls of Money. Alec Andon has a great perception of composition and what works with his work which i would like to continue into my own. He also uses some simple iconography and symbolism allowing his audience a very basic interpretation of his work which he has navigated through simplistic ideas of symbols and composition to the character. His Pallet usually consists of the Primary colours - giving me the impression of childhood fun as we associate those colours with children. The Grafiti style itself is fun and should be interprested as experimental which adds to the selling of his niche market.

Alec Monopoly

I started with projecting the subject onto A1 paper and traced the figure. I chose to fill in the lightest colours of the figure first - yellow and red, then tansitioned up to the top 3rd of the image focusing on a peach tone and white. As i filled in the block colour i gradually mixed lighter and darker shades of the colour to create shadows and highlights. Eventually, The image was complete. I felt that there were a few imperfections of line work as the character is a digitallized produced character it was difficult to create perfect lines. Once the Figures were all created i focused on the backgrounds in influence of Alec Monopoly and Will Smith to change the Perspective of my characters.

Mickey 2023

Following the same proceedure of projecting the figure and tracing it and paint the lightest colours first. I chose this image as the character is better viewed from the right of it, which meant when I later could put my 3 way illusion together Donald would be best seen from the Right side of it. This was my favourite outcome of the 3 as Donald is my favourite character.

Mickey 2023

Following the same proceedure of projecting the figure and tracing it and paint the lightest colours first. I chose this image as the character is better viewed from the left of it, which meant when I later could put my 3 way illusion together Goofy would be best seen from the Left side of it.

Mickey 2023

The Backgrounds i had chosen had symbols to do with the chracters names - "Donald The Don" - Cross to immitate the logo of the film the GodFather, Rings because in the film everybody thanks the GodFather by kissing his ring and the Red Roses is what The GodFather wears and smells before he speaks. "Money Mouse" to do with the amout of money the brand Mickey Mouse makes and created Notes which look like Dollars but is Mickey Money. "Ganja Goofy" - has marijuna Leaves around the character of a Drug Dealer and relates to the word Ganja. The knuckle Dusters and Gun gives the impression that the character is a gangster and Dealer.

Mickey 2023

Mickey 2023

Hue - colour, the hue refers to the wave length of light or to the mixture of wave length of colour.Value- percieved brightness - sometimes refered to as its luminosity. if we are explaining if the colour is dark or light.Chroma -saturation or hue purity. if the colour is vivid, intense or vibrant.Complementary Colours - oppose eachother on the the colour wheel. but due to visual perseption, Johanas colour wheel isnt always correct. Harmony - composition.

Colour Theory

In Green light Magenta would show, in red light Cyan would show and in Blue light Yellow would show.


Dyes and Paints are Subtractive, They Prevent Light from being reflected. Red - Prevents Green and Blue and only reflect Red (R+G+B=R AND WHITE LIGHT) (B+Y=G) (R+B=P).Mixing of light ADDS light.(Additive)(R+B=M) (G+B=C) (G=R=Y) THE SECONDAY COLOURS OF LIGHT

Additive Vs Substractive Colour Mixing

In terms of photographic style I have always loved the work of Sherman, she creates these conveying fictional characters who we believe to be familiar. We create stories from them and we read the images through body languange, emotion, colour and style. I believe her work has a sence of humour to it as she uses cheap random props to tell a story of her characters. The series of photos look fun which makes them attractice to me.

Cindy Sherman

I decided to re-visit my clown series from 2018 which was inspired by Cindy Sherman. The Work made was supposed to be used as a Flip Book in which i have recreated. I wanted to use this work as i know the subject i used is very animated and very expressionistic. She seems like she is Funny which allows the audience to enjoy the work more too.

Re-Visiting Clown Series

Re-Visiting Clown Series

Re-Visiting Clown Series

The initial first painting in blue turned out pretty good as i had never painted a portrait before. i wore my glasses with red, green and blue filters to see the next photo. it started to go well intil i painted the pink nose to lightly that it looked like a ghost when viewing the blue image rather than completely removed. i stopped painting at the end of this proces and decided i would try photography.

process of painting illusion.

Feminine Mood Board

contact sheet femininity shoot 2

contact sheet femininity shoot 2

I really enjoyed this shoot as i wanted to portray the character of a woman post a night out, the return from chaos. I wanted to use props of cigarettes and Wine as in old hollywood these props were classed as glamourous and sexy where as now it doesn't hold much weight other than mundane habbits.it has made me want to continue my ideas of how women are today, the worker, the mother ect. And i look forward to creating these characters.

Reflecting on Shoot 2:

contact sheet femininity shoot 2