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Harry Potter in this book did a lot of school work to learn magic. I put homework on this picture to show how much homework Harry Potter does. Without work of any kind, Harry Potter woldn't be able to do magic. I thought this was very important.

This book is called the sorcerers stone, and I chose this glittery rock my sister had to resemble it. The sorcerers stone is the title of the book and is the most important thing in the book. The sorcerers stone would keep you alive forever.

These are coins from Harry Potter. In the wizard world, they didn't have any coins, but wizard coins. Coins helped Harry buy what he needed. Harry never had this much money before and this played a big role in Harry's character developement.

This ball represents the Golden Stich in Quidditch. Quiditch is a big part of the book and Harry is very good at it. This shows that Harry is a natural at Qudditch.

Once Harry got free from the Dursleys. He got on a train to hogwarts. After Harry went to the dinner table at hogwarts, the deserts were crazy. There was so much chocolate ice cream. This made Harry feel like this was heaven and feel like he belonged here. This gave a good idea of what Hogwarts is like.

I would give this book a 4/5 because it is exciting and I love the characters. This book is very adventurous and exciting because it is full of surprises.