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Choice Board

American West

Escape Room

Do you like Invention?Are you interested in gadgets and gizmos?Does making an AD sound like fun?Additional Bonus: Extra Credit AvailableThen this task is for you!

Industrialzation Game

Are you interested in how cities grow?Do you find Industrialization interesting?Do you like to draw?Then this task is for you!

Are you interested in the different cultures of The West?Do you like Museums?Do you just want to know more about Cowboys?Then this task is for you!

American West

For this activity, you will visit The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum virtually. You will see each of their stunning displays that include 185 items from different aspects of life in The West.Once you have completed your Gallery Walk, taking note of the items and questions, you may have, complete the Padlet for credit.

Click To VisitThe Museum

Industrialzation Game

Follow along with Ms. Yohe and create your own city. You will need the following items:A piece of paperColored Pencils, Markers, or CrayonsPlease make sure you share your finished city and answers for credit!You can work at your own pace to complete the game and drawing.

Click The TVto PLay

Click The Factoryto Enter

Invention Escape Room

During this Unit, you have learned about new inventions that assisted people in everyday life during the 1800s. For today's activity, you will be learning more about a few inventors and their inventions as you try and escape the factory.

  • Learn about famous inventors, as you look through the office files.
  • Explore the factory and answer questions to not only escape, but reveal the secret code.
  • Create your own Influencer Ad to escape the factory! (Extra Credit)