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Sun Dance

Wampanoag Language Revival

Trail of Tears

Navajo Relocation

The Santee Division

The Teton Division

White Earth Reservation

California Gold Rush

Native American Boarding Schools

The organization was founded by Winona DaLuke in 1989 and had been a director for twenty-five years. It facilitates land reclamation and educating descendants on cultural practices.Revitalizing the native culture is a main goal of this non-profit organization so they have attempted and succeeded to teach the younger generations the native languages, ceremony practices, and a sense of community.

White Earth Land Recovery Project

The Eastern Santee Division of the tribe included natives who considered themselves to be the “oldest” or “original” division and known for their “subsistence, artifacts, and dress”

The Eastern Santee Division

The Teton or Western Division was located on the plains regions. Tribes members were nomadic farmers, which were farmers that followed herds of livestock.

The Teton or Western Division

The sun dance was a ritual that was important to the Sioux Natives. One of the aspects of the ritual was to skewer the skin with metal rods and danced until it broke through skin or was forcfully taken out. The ritual was outlawed because it was seen as barbaric but eventually came back and was legal. Many native traditions attract tourists who want to immerse themselves into native culture.

Sun Dance of the Sioux Plains Indians

The Trail of Tears is the event where Native Americans were forced off of their land that was turned in plantation land for cotton and other crops. They walked hundreds of miles on foot though various types of terrain losing many members along the way, which was where it got the name "Trail of Tears."

Trail of Tears

Thousnads of young natives attended boarding schools that stripped them of their culture. Many student were abused if caught speaking their native language and many were forced to cut their hair, which was considered sacred to them to keep long. These boarding school were government funded and fundamentally perfomed cultural genocide on the natives.

Native American Boarding Schools


We Still Live Here As Nutayunean is the film that follows Jessie Little Doe and her journey to revive the language of the Wamponoag. The language has been lost over the years and it was the first language to be revived with no native speakers in the United States.

Wampanoag Language Revival (1993)


From the film Broken Rainbow, the Navajo Indians were forced to relocated their tribe from Arizona to New Mexico due to the discovery of valuable resources in Arizona.Capitalists and corporations did not care about the indians and were willing to sacrifice anythhing to get their hands on the resources.

Navajo Relocation into New Mexico (1863)


The California Gold Rush, like the Trail of Tears was one of the events that resulted from Natiev American relocation. Various parts of California was occupied by different natiev tribes, but when the discovery of gold arose, millions of people flocked to the source and forced the natives out.

California Gold Rush