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Elephant Ear Plants

The domestication of cats can be traced back to about 10,000 years ago. The domestication of cats was more of a mutual relationship between the people and the animals. Firstly, the domestication of cats is mostly related to the Egyptians located in an area called Fertile Cresent ( about W. Asia. Cats became domesticated because when humans began to settle down, cats would pray upon rodents and scavenge garbage around these human towns. From here, cats slowly start to become the animals we see them as today.

These Felines began to spread throughout the world through various methods. Since the Egyptians and cats had such a close relationship, eventually cats were introduced into the Roman Empire. From here they would later board ships and accompany travelers into America where they would slowly but surely become a popular pet amongst people. From here through many modern methods and lifestyles, these felines slowly became adapted to the indoor cats we see today.

The elephant ear plant, also known as "Colocasia esculenta" originates in the southeastern parts of Asia and now is grown all over the world. "Elephant's Ear is believed to be introduced to southern Africa by Portuguese traders before 1500 - today the starch-rich corms are staple diet in many parts of southern Africa." These plants were grown around 28,00 years ago and have many medicinal and culinary purposes

These plants became apparent to the rest of the world through the curiosity of scientists. Through some experiments of cross-breeding, these plants slowly diffused through the world. Now there are many variations in both the size and colors of these plants and are available for purchase in most areas.

Domestication of Cats and Elephant Ear Plants