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  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Free wifi
  • Pets allowed
  • In the beach
  • Elevators
  • Pay without contact
  • Lincoln Airport
  • Subway
  • Hotel 4.5

I pick this location because compared with others i think is pretty good because there is no team of basketball in Nebraska,they have subway, big parking lots where the team bus could park, and pretty good hotels 5stars, also there is a lot to se in Nebraska so if people go to do tourism they can go and each the basketball game like a plus





Away game

Home game


'The mascot will be a person dressed as a crow, but as a cute crow because we don't want the kids to be sacred of the mascot, this person will be walking and gifting candy and selling clearance tickets for the team shop.


3 TYPES OF TICKETS, the basic which don't offer Al most anything, the premium which it's a little better and the vip, this one give you a lot of stuff so it's better to buy this one. It's more expensive but it have more things

- Basic ticket, includes: the game and a discount for the food. Not the beast seats 50$- Premium Ticket, includes food and drink and a(your choise) a gift of the game*, your seats will be closer to the court 80$VIP ticket, includes meal, free gift and you get to participate in a ruffle of a picture of one of the players signed, super close to the court and you can use your ticket as discount in the team shop 120$

3 Types of tickets

Is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and the capacity is 15,147 persons, I feel like this is a very good because it's a lot of people and it's the only basketball court in Nebraska, it have big screens and capacity for a lot of people.


posible names for social media: we_ are_crows Flyhighcrows_

Nebraska is a very beautiful city, so if people go to see the city, and they see big anoncements of basketball and they see it on social media too, I think they would feel more attached to come.

  • Instagram
  • X
  • Snapchat stories
  • YouTube channel of every game

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Pack of basketball stuff with the logo of the team and colors

Pack of basketball stuff $45

With the logo and the team colors

Hat $19.99

And with the colors of the team

Hoodies and merch $35

For iPhones , with the logo of the team.

Phone case of the team $15