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Math Milestones


0-4 Months Old

5-6 Months Old

7-12 Months Old

1-3 Years Old


  • Can tell the difference between an image representing 2 points and one with 3 points.
  • Is surprised when a puppet jumps more than usual.
  • Observes the size, shape, and color of objects.

  • Can see the difference between a pot full of water and a half-full pot.
  • Is surprised to see three toys when there should only be 2. This is the age where analytical and comparative skills develop.

  • Takes the objects at his disposal to make a whole.
  • Can stack blocks to make structures (e.g., towers) or nest containers, one inside the other.
  • Can tell the difference between 2 large sets of toys, even if the sets contain almost the same number of toys. For example, he may notice that a collection of 8 toys is different from a group of 10 toys.

  • Begins to name numbers.
  • Can learn to recite the numbers from 1 to 10.
  • Try to count using the numbers, even if the numbers are not in the right order.
  • Has an understanding of concepts like "near", "next to", "above" and "below".
  • Knows that one remains when one object is subtracted from 2 things.
  • Knows that when 1 item is added to 2 items, there should be 3 in all.
  • Can group objects with similar characteristics, such as the same shape, the same size, or the same color.
  • Begins to use the words "more than," "less than," and "equal."