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May 1777

Second Continental Congress

Outcome of the Congress:

Remember the Ladies

Impact of the Role of Women & Republican Motherhood:

Mar 1776

Declaration of Independence

Significance of the Declaration of Independence:

July 4, 1776

Significance/Importance of Battle:


Lexington & Concord

Timeline: American Revolution


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The boston massacre, Boston Tea Party and The Stamp Act all led up to lexington and concord. The battle of Lexington and concord was the start of the American War of independence. This battle persuad many Americans to suppot independence making it politcally harder for the British.

The Second Continental Congress was a meeting held by the 13 colonies that decided to unite togther because of the Americam Revolution. They elected George Washington to be the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. During the stime they also sent King George ||| the Olive Branch Petition hoping that would help reach peacefull resolve.

Remember the Ladies refers to a time (1776) to were women did't have a ample amount of rights. While creating the new independant nation the Continental Congress members took consider to the the rights of women. This changed womens life allowing them to live freely.

The Delcaration of Independence allowed colonist to freely live out there lives. It lets them have idependence and rights. Signed by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, this delcaration provided rules, principles, and policiues for the government and people to follow, allowing freedom.

Dec 1777

Valley Forge

Battle of Yorktown

Oct 1781


The Crisis by Thomas Paine, a Enlightenment philosopher. His publish inspired George Washington and the army that he led. This helped guide them to victory.

Oct 1777

Battle of Saratoga


Timeline: American Revolution

Treaty of Paris, 1783

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Impact of The Crisis:

"The Crisis"

Dec 1776

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Significance of the Battle of Saratoga:

Significance of Valley Forge:

Significance of the Battle of Yorktown:

Explain what America gains:

Battle of Saratoga was the American against the British army. The goal of this battle was for the British to isolate New England from the rest of the United States. The plan failed and it was American victory, this victory boosted their moral. This was a turning point in the revolution.

Valley Forge stationed George Washingtons amry during the winter. Because iif this they could still be able to fight during to cold. Although it provided shelter and a place to sleep many were to get cold, hungry, and sick.

George Washington's army, supported by the French and navy forces, took victory iver Lord Charles Cornwallis in Yorktown Virgina. This battle was to prove that Europeans had a rigt to demand independence for the THirteen Colonies.

Treaty of Paris was the ending of the French and Indain war. Because of this the French lost Canada and Mississippi. The United States gain the right to use the Mississippi river how ever they please to do so.