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The Axe

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Shows how The Jest died.

The White Rose

The white rose represents the Jest's love he showed for Catherine. After Jest dies it is even more meaningful.

The Crown

The Crown represents how Catherine becomes Queen. Catherine becomes the Queen of Hearts after many tragic events.

The Red Dress

The Red Dress represents the beginning of the story. Catherine's mother makes her attend a black and white ball in red to attract The Kings attention.

HeartlessI rate this book a 4/5. This book was a very exciting book to read. I enjoyed every bit of it, even the sad parts. Although the book was spectacular, it was not perfect.

The Joker

The Joker card represents Catherine's first love. The Jest was Catherine's best friend and an important role in this story. The Jest sadly dies which causes Catherine to do many outrageous acts.

The Sweets

Catherine's dream in the beginning of the book is to open a pastry shop with her maid. Baking is her passion and is all she thinks about.