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5th Grade Social Studies


You will interact with this presentation, taking notes as you go. A total of 22 interactive elements are included.



You will describe different regions in the United States and explain how their characteristics affect people there.

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"An area of land that has common features. A region can be defined by natural or artificial features."Click the pink dot to read more about regions.

What are Regions?

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Click on the image to the right to play the song. Watch the entire video to learn what makes a region set apart.After the video answer the following question: Name 3 traits that separate the regions from one another.

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Question 3: What is the weather and climate in the Southwest?

Question 2: How many states make up the Southeast?

Question 1: How many different regions does the Libray of Congress list?

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Answer 3: Humid, dry, alpine, & desert.

Answer 2: 12

Answer 1: 16

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Locate the Regions

First, write in your notebook each region before clicking the hotspot.

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Audio File

Listen to this audio file by clicking the pink arrow to learn about the characteristics that affect people in different regions.

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Read each state guessing the region and reveal the answer when clicking the black button.






New Mexico


Rhode Island



South Dakota

New Jersey

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What Region

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Now you have learned about the United States regions and how their characteristics affect its people.

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More information about the Midwest region

Midwestern United States

The Midwestern United States (or Midwest) is a name for the north-central states of the United States of America.

More information about the Northeastern region

Northeastern United States

The U.S. Census Bureau–defined region of the Northeastern United States has a total area of 181,324 sq mi (469,630 km2) with 162,257 sq mi (420,240 km2) of that being land mass, making it the smallest region of the United States by both land mass and total area.

More information about the Western region

Western United States

The Western U.S. is the largest region of the country, covering more than half the land area of the United States.

More information about the Southern region

Southern United States

The South does not fully match the geographic south of the United States but is commonly defined as including the states that fought for the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War.

More information about the southwestern region

Southwestern United States

The geography of the region is mainly made up of four features: the Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan Deserts, and the Colorado Plateau; although there are other geographical features as well, such as a portion of the Great Basin Desert.