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Specialised cells

specialised cellsare cells that have a specific function that they must carry out.there are over 200 different types of specialised cells in your body!

what are specialised cells?

Examples of specialised cells

muscle cellsnerve cellsegg cellssperm cellsskin cellsred blood cellswhite blood cellsroot hair cellspalicade cell

the most important specialised cell is the red blood cell, making up 40-45% of your entire blood volume!

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  • the structure of cells can change over time due to ageing or disease. for example, muscle cells may shrink and become less efficient with age and nerve cells may be damaged by diseases such as alzheimer's.
  • specialised cells help to maintain homeostasis in the body by performing specific functions that regulate various processes within the body, while white blood cells help to fight infections.by performing these functions, specialised cells help to maintain the balance of the body'd internal enviroment.

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