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Overall I would rate the book a five out of five. I thought that the book was really engaging. I liked when in the book it showed Pip’s reports, capstone project logs, and calls between other people with different fonts and ways of writing. I found it nice and organized when she dated her reports so that the reader could tell how much time has passed since the last report.

The stopwatch represents when Ravi and Pip went into the woods to prove that Sal’s story of how he killed Andie couldn’t have been true. Because when they timed it with a stopwatch there wasn’t enough time for him to do everything that people were saying he was. This leads to the truth of Sal being murdered and that Andie’s death was an accident.

The red string represents when Pip had a bulletin board with red string connecting times, places, people, and the location of where people were at certain times. She also used the map to label roads, houses, woods, bridges, and rivers.

The coffee represents when Ravi and Pip had a talk about Sal and what his family thought of Sal. This scene also showed how Ravi felt about Sal being convicted as murder. While Sal and Pip talked they also gained more trust for each other and they had a better relationship after their talk.

The phone represents when Andie Bell had a burner phone to sell and get drugs. SInce the police couldn't find the phone, it must've still been hidden in her room. Pip and Ravi sneaked into Andie's room but they didn't find the phone but found her planer with notes written in code.

The fingerprints represent Sal’s fingerprints around the dashboard and steering wheel, alongside prints from Andie and the rest of the Bell family. Other pieces of evidence are when Andie’s blood was discovered in the trunk of her abandoned car. The other sufficient evidence was when the police found Andie’s phone on Sal’s body and forensics tests found traces of Andie’s blood under the fingernails of his right middle and index fingers.