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Firebrow’s Firebrews (Large Safehouse) - Calimport is a massive metropolis port city in southern Calimshan on the Shining Sea – and one of the oldest continuously populated cities in Faerun. The safehouse here is Firebrow’s Firebrews, a tavern operated by Tillie Firebrew, a member of the order. In addition to the hidden Inn that Tillie operates for the Order, the tavern operates as a very effective rumor mill [downtime activity checks for gathering information, learning new rumors, or following up on leads will receive bonuses while at this safehouse].

Fizzlewop’s (Large Safehouse) - Thunderstone is a small logging and fishing town found on the western edge of the Hullack Forest in Cormyr, named after the nearby Thunder Peak mountains. While not a booming metropolis, Thunderstone serves as a haven for adventurers preparing to explore the forest. The safehouse here is an alchemist shop called Fizzlewop’s run by a trio of gnomes loyal to the Order. [Characters who engage in alchemical crafting or potion-making will receive bonuses to downtime checks while at this safehouse].

Karan’s Temple (Small Safehouse) - A day’s ride from the fortress-village of Darmshall in Vaasa is a modest roadside temple to Oghma. The temple’s priest is Karan, an affable, matronly dwarven woman with a penchant for languages. There’s a hidden basement where Karan lets order members stay for as long as they like – as long as they offer her conversation and company. [Research, translation, and knowledge-based checks receive a bonus here.]

Windham’s Warehouse (Large Safehouse) - Telflamm is a large port city in Thesk that sits on the Sea of Fallen Stars, serving as a gateway between the west of Faerun and the eastern realms of Thay and Kara Tur. The safehouse here is a large, functioning warehouse that stays quite active – spare rooms in the loft offer sleeping quarters, and various provisions are often easy at hand. The warehouse’s manager is a shrewd halfling named Windham, and he’s a friend of the Order. [non-magic items worth 2,000 gp or less can be purchased at 70% of their book value by characters at this safehouse].

Mirdrath’s Grove (Small Safehouse) - In the northern outskirts of the Chondalwood forest, a quiet half-elven druid named Mirdrath maintains a serene grove where members of the Order are welcome. Many decades ago, Thistles did Mirdrath a favor that he’s not likely to ever forget. [Any healing-related activities receive bonuses and are accelerated in this grove.]

Order HQ - Neverwinter is a large walled city of culture and charm located on the Sword Coast. The Order’s headquarters is here, a quaint private manor in the heart of the city. A large wrought-iron fence overgrown with ivy surrounds the modest grounds and keeps out most prying eyes. Besides housing a private consecrated cemetery for members of the order, the headquarters also houses a well-provisioned library that includes numerous hard-to-find works of magical study. [Characters receive bonuses when conducting magical and non-magical research at this safehouse.]

Harran’s Forge (Small Safehouse) - On a trade road between Asbravn and Iriaebor in the Western Heartlands is a small village called Ashmore whose local blacksmith Harran offers the Order refuge in the loft of his barn. It’s not much, but the safehouse offers a place to lie low, nurse wounds, and strategize. [Non-magical magical weapons, including masterwork weapons, can be bought at this safehouse for 80% of their book value at this safehouse. Likewise, Characters are free to use Harran’s forge in their own crafting efforts].