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Starting the New School Year Strong!

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ESL Videos use AI to interact with speakers through the Chattybox platform (like flipgrid but better!) Check out the Beg - Int level speaking practice activities at ESLVideo.com. https://www.eslvideo.com/chattybots.php Beginning ChattybotsESL / EFL - Speak English online with AI-powered chattybots. Interactive speaking activities for beginning through intermediate English language...ESL Video

Start out the year strong with new resources: United for Literacy bookshttps://www.thinglink.com/card/1695460529289560868

Throughout the school year, you may find multilingual glossaries helpful from time to time. Check out NY's Glossary Project. https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/metrocenter/language-rbern/resources/bilingual-glossaries-and-cognates Bilingual Glossaries and CognatesThese glossaries are to provide permitted testing accommodations of ELL/MLL students. They should also be used for instruction during the school...NYU Steinhardt

Check out the Fable Cottage website that allows ELs to read in their home language possibly. https://www.thefablecottage.com/

Know your English Grammar! This is a teacher resource to be able to explain error corrections to ELs. https://www.englishgrammar.org/ Home of English GrammarWelcome to EnglishGrammar.org! Here you'll learn all aspects of written English so you can improve your writing skills in both personal and formal...Home of English Grammar

Check out LearnHip.com - there are fun conversation starters and activities that will be excellent for fun in your class. Enjoy and watch your students stay or show up for the fun! https://learnhip.com/ Activities for Teaching and Learning OnlineInteractive games, activities, puzzles and exercises for home schooling, learning and teaching...Learnhip