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ALS Deadline

Oct 20th

Oct 14th

Nov 7th

Oct 18th

Oct 27th


ALS need this deadline in order for access arrangements to be processed comfortably. This means Exams can fulfil requests with AOs by October 18th.


All learners have been entered, however Exams need to know any withdrawals which will enable the initial entry fee to be recouped. Late entries, whilst accepted, do include a higher fee.


  • November 7th - English Language Paper 1 (AQA & Pearson)
  • November 8th - Mathematics Paper 1 (Non-calculator) (AQA only)
  • November 9th - English Language Paper 2 (AQA & Pearson)
  • November 10th - Mathematics Paper 2 (AQA only()
  • November 13th - Mathematics Paper 3 (AQA only)


Confirmation of entries. This will enable to seat allocation process to begin (both concessions and entries), as well as confirming furniture requirements are met. This means Exams have sufficient time to seed learners consistently and speed up communications to learners, tutors, and parents.


All invigilation staff need to have completed the Exams Office Training Module (any queries, email exams@barnsley.ac.uk) or, alternatively, for first time/inexperienced invigilators, undertake in-person training delivered by Stephen Hall. With seating and "on the day", we aim to have these communications (sent by text message) out before the 27th.

Barnsley College - November GCSE Timeline

Entries' & Rooming Deadline

Withdrawl & Late Entries' Deadline

Invigilation Training Completion & Communications' Deadline

First Exam - English Language