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Donor Web Portal (DWP)



Similar to eDRM, prospect donors can be created in Donor Web Portal, and the information is not transferred to ePROGESA until the donor attends to donate. At the first donation session, the information in DWP can be pulled into ePROGESA to be verified by the user with the donor. This means that ePROGESA does not contain prospect donors, only those who have attended to donate.

DWP (or Donor Web Portal) is a donor facing application which can be accessed via an app or from the client’s web page where:

  • Prospect donors can sign up on line.
  • Donors can manage their appointments on line.
  • Recruitment information can be posted on the portal such as information on current blood supply levels, new blood campaigns, need for specific blood groups, or information about new blood centers for example.


  • ePROGESA informs DWP of any planned collection sites to enable the donor to make an appointment.

What happens when we exchange data between Donor Web Portal and eProgesa?

  • DWP informs ePROGESA of any appointments created by the donor.

Donor Web Portal (DWP)

  • ePROGESA informs the DWP of the donor’s eligibility to donate. The donor can see their next eligibility date.

  • A donor can modify their contact information in DWP and it will update the information in ePROGESA.

  • If the donor information is updated in ePROGESA, it will update the information in DWP.

  • ePROGESA updates information in the DWP to inform the donor of, donation history, test results and communication history.