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Jose Hernandez was born in 1962 to parents who immigrated from Mexico to Stockton, California. His parents encouraged him to pursue his aspirations and instilled in him a strong work ethic and a love of learning. Due to his Latino background, Jose frequently experienced discrimination while growing up in Stockton, but this just strengthened his resolve to succeed.

Jose Hernandez had a challenging upbringing while growing up in poverty with little access to basic necessities and educational tools. Due to his underprivileged upbringing, he was frequently tormented in school, and he struggled to make ends meet. Jose persevered despite these difficulties and worked hard to get through the challenges he encountered.



Julio, Karina, Vanessa, Marisol, and Antonio are the five children that Hernández and his wife Adela have. For a number of years, his wife operated Tierra Luna Grill, which is Spanish for Earth Moon Grill, a Mexican eatery close to the Johnson Space Center gates. Having a 20-acre vineyard close to Lodi, California, Hernández started bottling wine under the Tierra Luna Cellars brand in 2021.

Jose worked on a number of space projects when he was employed by NASA, including the International Space Station. Additionally, he was a member of the group that created the robotic arm that was used to fix the Hubble Telescope. When he was selected to take part in the STS -128 mission in 2009, his perseverance and hard work had paid off.

Work/His time in Nasa

Despite the briefness of his stay, Jose's life was impacted by the event. He was moved by the harmony among people and the beauty of Earth as seen from space. After his return, he started giving motivational speeches in an effort to encourage others to follow their aspirations regardless of their upbringing or current situation.


Jose's narrative is motivational. He overcame hardship to fulfill his dream of become an astronaut. His message is one of optimism and tenacity, serving as a reminder that anything is possible as long as you put forth the work and never give up.

His message

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