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When and why you may decide to suspend

Ultimately, you are responsible for the deciding the appropriate outcome for the alleged concerns that have been raised.


As the Investigating manager, you will need to consider whether the individual needs to be suspended. Suspension does not mean that someone has done anything wrong but it may be necessary in some cases (such as serious Gross Misconduct allegations).

What information do I need before I decide to suspend?


It's important to find out;- What's happened - Who's involved - How serious it might beThis will help you understand the situation and work out whether suspension might be appropriate.

Why should I suspend someone?


You should only consider suspension if you reasonably believe it would protect any of the following;- The investigation – for example if you're concerned about someone damaging evidence or influencing witnesses.- The business – for example if there's a genuine risk to our customers, property or business interests - Other employees- The person under investigation.

What do I do next?


If you believe the individual should be suspended, let the HR team know so that their absence is recorded correctly. You will need to inform the individual of their suspension and the reasons why, this may be at the end of the investigation hearing or before, in a suspension meeting. You will need to inform them of the terms of their suspension and confirm in writing.