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SAF101Temp Check

A helpful, and optional, review for Stage Two

What is the minimum PPE required for the Wyrkshop?

Staying safe

Keep it clean

Always clean up after yourself. Leave the makerspace as clean and tidy as possible. Return tools to their proper home so others may use them.

Trash or recycle

Discard or recycle used or unwanted personal items to make sure the makerspace stays tidy.

Tidying up

Keep the floor around equipment and machines clean, dry, and free from tripping hazards.

A maker team

All makers in the space share responsibility for maintaining safety standards and ensuring that machines, tools, and equipment are used responsibly

Safety Cards

These are cards that give important safety reminders for all of the different machines here in our space.

The name of the tool or piece of equipment

This is the badge you will receive alongside the other badges you would need before this one.

This is the PPE that is required when the machine is being operated (by you or someone else). These vary depending on the machine.

This is where we keep helpful reminders on how to operate the machine in case you need a refresher.

This is the risk level and the different risks that come with it. Green is for everyone, yellow is for 13 years and above, and red is for 13 and up with a guardian or supervisor. This is so we can reduce any risk of injuries.

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