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May 1777

Second Continental Congress

Outcome of the Congress:

Remember the Ladies

Impact of the Role of Women & Republican Motherhood:

Mar 1776

Declaration of Independence

Significance of the Declaration of Independence:

July 4, 1776

Significance/Importance of Battle:


Lexington & Concord

Timeline: American Revolution


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This war was the first to initiate the American Revolution. Lexington was given the duties to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock, while Concord were to destroy the supplies and ammunition of the military. From then it was known as 'the shot heard around the world."

This congress was to serve as a standing government as seperating from England was a big fear around delegates. An petition known as the "Olive Brach Petition" was sent to the king pleaeding for peace that was ignored.

Around this time women were able to advocate more during this time. One of the advocates was Abagail Adams who fought for equal rights of women. These included Equal political participation, and for women to have educational oppurtunities.

Thomas Jefferson was given the duty to write the Declaration of Independnce. It listed many grivences and violations that King George had exposed onto the colonies. It further expressed that the colonies demanded independence.

Dec 1777

Valley Forge

Battle of Yorktown

Oct 1781


This pamphlet was the second one of Thomas Paines' works. It served as a cryof support to the people of the American Troops. Soldiers were only enlisting for a couple months and not doing so ago, causing less troops.

Oct 1777

Battle of Saratoga


Timeline: American Revolution

Treaty of Paris, 1783

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Impact of The Crisis:

"The Crisis"

Dec 1776

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Significance of the Battle of Saratoga:

Significance of Valley Forge:

Significance of the Battle of Yorktown:

Explain what America gains:

The Battle of Saratoga was knowing as the turning point for the patriots of the war. George Washington had led his troops though one fifth had died due to starvation and disease. But then they had help with training from Germany and France.

The significance of Valley Forge was that it served as a training ground for patriot troops. It was a series of cabins that housed George Washingtons troops throughout the winter.

This battle of Yorktown was the last of the American Revolution. Washington and the French General had taken over the British with the help of the naval fleet.

With the Treaty of Paris this meant that the US was independent. Many boundaries were changed, giving the North boundaries of Canada to the US. The end of the war also meant that both sides would pay their debt of the war.