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Cowboy Gator and the Bunny Bandit

Cowboy Gator relaxed in the cool air, for he knew trouble would be coming soon.
The sky blanketed with stars and the crickets were chirping a tune.
Another resident needing help, Cowboy knew this day would come.
A rustle from the bushes and a slow ground hum.
"I need your assistance, the Bunny Bandit has raided our homes."
"Sssssss, Gator Cowboy," slithered a whispered tone.
"He goes from hole to hole stealing our old snake skin."
"The Bunny Bandit," Gator asked. "I have not heard of him."
"We shed our skins many times after we have basked.
"He sneaks in and steals it, he never even asked."
He leaves our homes a mess, throwing things around."
"He runs in and out so quick, knocking the little ones down."
"Bunnies are fast and agile creatures and excellent at hopping too."
"I'll track down the Bunny Bandit and see what I can do."
The closest he could get to the Bandit was 20 feet away.
Cowboy Gator searched the desert, grasslands, and plains.
"Hey Bunny Bandit, can you sit still and stop hopping about?"
After chasing him for miles and miles, Cowboy Gator decided to shout.
With his nose twitching left and right, "How can I help you?" he asked.
The Bandit perked up his ears, his eyes twinkling through a mask.
"How can we settle this, what will it take?"
"We need to talk about the homes you visit, you're bothering the snakes."
"They would not listen to reason, we use it in our medicine."
"I asked them once and they refused, my rabbits need the snake skin."
"I will try but I'm telling you, the snakes won't understand."
"Maybe I can help and hold a meeting between the two clans?"
They talked and hissed and talked some more, but no one would budge from their case.
So, Cowboy Gator gathered the rabbits and snakes at a meeting place.
They understand the rabbits wants and needs but it goes against their beliefs and prayers.
The snakes didn't want their skin collected. It is a part of them they will not share.
The struggle will continue on an on; it will never come to an end.
So, the snakes are still on alert and the Bunny Bandit will strike again.
Today's lesson was for him; not every problem can be solved.
Though Cowboy Gator tried very hard to get the matter resolved.