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This image shows the inside of the sensory room in the Durham County Library in Durham, NC, and explains how each piece of the room can be used.

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People have different sensory likes and dislikes. This fiber optic light fixture can be used as a calming tool for those who enjoy lights as well as mirrors.

The sensory water bed not only helps people regulate emotions but it is also used by occupational therapists to help clients improve muscle tone and perform everyday tasks such as getting out of bed.

This sensory tool is one that can be used by those in a wheel chair. These color pads have liquid in them that moves when stepped on, jumped on, or rolled over.

These light up tiles change color when pressed. They can be used as a calming/regulatory resource as well as a teaching tool for colors, and to demonstrate things such as tapping or pushing at different strengths.

Every resource in the room can be turned on or off depending on the sensory needs of the person using the room. Some people like to have everything in the room going at once, while others simply want to sit in a dark environment and listen to sound.