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By: Lillian Camp

Miniature Bull Terrier

The miniature Bull terrier was originally bred to be fighting dogs. - Specifically cage fighting dogs They were also used at Ratting dogs to hunt down and kill rats.They were created by crossing a bulldog with an english terrier (which is now extinct) - After this, breeders began to work on trying to make "minis'

Why/How were they Created??

Their main purpose as of right now is to just be good compainion with humans, They no longer have to worry about being used as fighting or ratting dogs, just being a good pet someone.

Current Purpose

  • Tail chasing - Neurotic disorder, can become obsessed with their tails and can hurt themselves
  • Thyroid problems - Hypothyroidism
  • Patellar luxation - Bad joints, can be born with it or develop it over time

Possible Health Issues

  • Eye problems - Cataracts, Glacomia, Primary Lens Luctation
  • Heart Disease - Heart Murmers, heart disease
  • Kindney disease - bad kidney function, kidney disease
  • Laryngeal paralysis - vocal cords collapse, they can't breathe, dog isn't getting oxygen


From the research I have done, I have not been able to find any specific legal or liability matter that has to do with a miniature bull terrier. What pops up is all of the cases about pitbulls. I guess google classifies them at pitties.

Legal/Libility Issue

- Target Mascot (Bullseye)- Spuds Makenzie (Bud Light Mascot)(featured in many superbowl commericals)

Media representations/notable representations

Bullseye made his debute in 1999 in one of targets iconic advertising campaigns "Sign of the times" - Since then he has become an inconic symbol/mascot for target and has been the mascot for over 20 years


Link to Spud Makenzie Commericals

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