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Vasco de Gama

His explorations, discovery and life

Luis RozierTiméo Gribaumont


His life

His explorations and discovery

Vasco De Gama is a portuguese discoverer.

He is borned in 1469 at Sines in Portugal and he is dead in 1524

His very big exploration is that he goes to India from Lisboa after gets around the Africa.

Vasco De Gama go from Lisboa (in Portugal), to Calicut (in india) after he stopped at The cape of good hope.

Why did he does that journey ?Vasco De Gama and the Europeans wanted to go to India, but they can't go through Constantinople that was invided by the Muslims. They wanted to go to India for the spices and for trading with the Indiens.

Vasco De Gama portrait

Vasco De Gama portrait

His exploration and discovery


Cape of Good Hope



Vasco de Gama is portugese and started is journey in Lisboa. He starts his journey the 8 july 1487

Vasco De Gama and his equipage stopped in the cape of Good Hope. It was between the 18 and 22 november 1497.

Calicut is the destination of this journey. Vasco De Gama take the pilot of the sultan and went to Calicut in 1 week.

Vasco De Gama did a stop in Kenya and do good things for a sultan and the sultan gived a pilot who knows the road to Vasco De Gama to go to Calicut more speedly.