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The transmission was the Maybach OLVAR OG 40 12 16 Model B, giving eight forward gears and four reverse, which drove the steering gear. This was the Henschel L 801, a double radius design which proved susceptible to failure. another problem with the gearbox was that if you wanted to change it you would have to remove the turret which could weigh in exess of 6 tons.

the real tiger in my eyes looks beautiful while providing good ricoshay armour protection.

the tiger had a supiriour gun to nearly all of the alied tanks and had better aurmour though some of the time that was not needed for they could shoot at the shermans before the shermans could even shoot at them.

the pros of the tiger

  • it had a huge 88 mil gun dwarfing the allies guns.
  • its armour was 185 mil thik in places meaning it was virtually impenitrable for the shermans.