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Tropical Rainforest

QUESTION 1/5 - Limiting Factors

Question 1/5 - Limiting Factors


Water is not a limiting factor because rainforest are characterized by high anual precipitation, providing ample water for the diverse plant and animal life.

QUESTION 2/5 - Biotic Factors

QUESTION 2/5 - Biotic Factors


Orchids and fungi are considered biotic factors because of their symbiotic relationship. Orchids rely on mycorrhizal fungi for all nutrients, including carbon, in the earliest stages of their life cycle. The fungi, in turn, receive carbohydrates from the orchid.

QUESTION 3/5 - Food chain

QUESTION 3/5 - Food Chain


In a food chain, an organism can occupy more than one trophic level.For example, a bird might be a secondary consumer when it eats a spider (primary consumer), but it could also be a primary consumer if it eats seeds or fruits.

QUESTION 4/5 - Abiotic factors

QUESTION 4/5 - abiotic factors


High humidity in tropical rainforests creates a moist environment that is conducive for the growth and survival of a wide variety of plants and animals, contributing to high biodiversity.

QUESTION 5/5 - human/climate impact

QUESTION 5/5 - Human/climate impact


Burning tropical rainforests for agriculture significantly increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

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