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May 1777

Second Continental Congress

Outcome of the Congress:

Remember the Ladies

Impact of the Role of Women & Republican Motherhood:

Mar 1776

Declaration of Independence

Significance of the Declaration of Independence:

July 4, 1776

Significance/Importance of Battle:


Lexington & Concord

Timeline: American Revolution


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Write here: the signifigance between the two battles were ultimatly the enormous impact both battles had as they increased tension between american colonies and british government which resulted in violent conflict. For example lexinton and concord were the first battles of the american revolution otherwise known as "the shot heard around the world."This uprising conflict was greatly resposible for inlfuencing colonial reissance,revlutuonaey ideas, and the decelration of indepenadce which was written shortly after in 1776.

Write here: the second continental congress was a signifant event that arised shorty after the battles of lexington and concord. For example, it's signifignace is evidant through the decleration of indepenadce as it was one of the most profound outcomes. As well as establsing the continaltal army and appointing gerorge washington as it's commander in cheif. Overall the second continal congress was of extreme importance as it declared independace establishde miliatry armies, and initiated revolutionary efforts.

Write here: the role of women and the republican motherhood was a concept in which it sought to emphasize and instill values of the new republic by raising children who were politically and morally aware. As a result of these efforts it was of great signifigance as it contributed to a growing emphasis on education for women, allowing more rights and freedoms for women and overall changing the roles and what it meant to be a women.

Write here: the decleration of indepenace was a formal document that was written with the intention of addressing grievences towards the king as well as to declare indepandce from britian.As a result the decleration of independance became highly signifigant because it helped to shape the world and build our fundamental human rights.

Dec 1777

Valley Forge

Battle of Yorktown

Oct 1781


Write here: the crisis was a result of the shortage of enlistments pertaining to the war and as a result thomas paine issued a message to urge americans to enlist. The crisis was ultimatley a cry for help and emphasized the question," who will fight in this war." Furthemore, the overall impact of the crisis was thomas paine achievement in his initial goal of pursuadeding many americans to enlist.

Oct 1777

Battle of Saratoga


Timeline: American Revolution

Treaty of Paris, 1783

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Impact of The Crisis:

"The Crisis"

Dec 1776

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Significance of the Battle of Saratoga:

Significance of Valley Forge:

Significance of the Battle of Yorktown:

Explain what America gains:

Write here: the battle of saratoga was of extreme signifigance as it pursuaded the french in giving us miliraty support. for example, this help can be seen through the help washington revieved from baron von stuebon and marquis de lafeytte which were from germany and france.

Write here: the significance of valley froge was not only as a result of reshaping washintons army but also for the strong charactersitcs displayed by the americans.For example, the winter at valley forge was incredibly harsh and displayed americasns perservance,dedication, and endurance in such adversity.

Write here: the battle of yorktown included george washington and jean rochambeau as they marched south to virgina and confined lord charles cornwallis in the pennisila of yorktown which resulted in his surrender. This battle was of great signifigance as it was a key victory that aided in establising indepadnce for the americans and was the last battle of the american revolution.

Write here: In the end, disregarding loyalist advanages the patriots won which resulted in numerous changes for the patriots. For example this included, the recievment of fishing rights off newfoundland and novia scotia, a western border that extended to the Mississippi with rights of navigation, and most importantly british acknowledgemnt of the us's new found indepeandce.