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The Use of GMOs in Agriculture

General Information

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Index of GMOs


Environmental Impact


Consumer Health

GMOs, also known as genetic engineering is described as changing the DNA sequence of plants, animals, and microorganisms through the use of technology.
GMOs = Genetically Modified Organisms



Throughout the world, some countries allow the use of GMOs within the country while some have them banned. Currently, 19 out of the 27 member states out of the European Union have a ban on GMOs. To add, there are also are a select few countries in South America and 43 out of the 47 countries in Africa have bans on GMOs.

While GMOs are in a lot of the foods we eat, most of the GMO crops in the U.S. are used in animal food

One study showed that GMO apples do not brown as early as non-GMO apples, which reduces food waste

Allows crops to become more accessible and affordable for consumers

There are concerns that GMOs are passed through animal products by animals who consume GMO crops

Other studies have shown enlarged uteri and severe stomach inflammation in pigs due to them eating GMO feed

A study founded severe liver and kidney damage in rats with the use of Roundup


With the knowledge and other studies done by the FDA.org, farmers have been better able to create a more positive impact on the environment and economy. For example, farmers do not need to till the soil to rid their fields of crops, which makes for a healthier soil, decreases the amount of fuel needed to be used, and needs less labor work. To go along with this, farmers do not need to use so many pesticides, as the GMOs produced the resistant to insect damage. The more common GMOs were being used by farmers, while others were developed to be used by the consumer, due to the fact of foods being more accessible and affordable for the consumer

impacts on the environment

Resistance to plant viruses

Tolerance to herbicides

Resistance to insect damage

GMOs were developed and are used to help prevent the loss of crops. There were three things found in genetically engineered plants, which are: